Hi, I'm Benaz.
I'm a friend, manager, mentor, coach, daughter, sister, but you can call me Benaz.

Over the years, I've been lucky to working in various roles both in America and Australia, refining my design practice, and evolving as a leader. With experience in designing and leading enterprise B2B products, I thrive on tackling complex challenges and finding order in chaos. But what truly brings me alive is fostering the growth of others.

Currently, I am a Product Design Manager at OpenTable, where I support the talented design team in America and Australia, combining my love for design, obsession for food, and the joy of empowering designers to become fearless leaders.

Things you won't learn from my resume:

I'm either mentioning what I've eaten, or what I'm about to eat (sorry in advance).
I listen to a lot of Grime and House (though you'd never expect it).
I'm planning a few solo-trips to Central Europe (send travel tips).
I'm currently binging Love Island (don't judge me).