My leadership style
As an IC, I couldn't help getting involved in creating processes and mentoring the team, which naturally led me towards leadership.

I'm a people-focused leader that embraces active listening and thoughtful questions to empower designers. I create warm, collaborative environments where each team member feels safe and valued, but also foster a culture that promotes open and candid feedback.

Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about myself which has helped define my leadership values:

Be an amplifier

Raise the voices of people on the team. Listen, amplify, act.

Strive for quality

Aim for quality and consistency. Be proud of the work.

Embrace the challenge

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. A challenge is a learning opportunity.

Go beyond

Inspire others through looking behind the obvious.

Always be learning

Reflect and always ask for feedback. Each individual is different.

Don't sweat it

Bring elements of fun and play to the everyday. We’re not brain surgeons.